Flo Triendl

An American now living in retirement, Flo Triendl worked in the IYCW International Secretariat in the 1950s. Later she worked as an extension worker in South Africa.

She shares her experiences with Cardijn

Cardijn on Spiritual Growth

"Cardijn gave a talk at a JOCF study week sometime in the 1950s," Flo recalls. "Subject: Spiritual Growth: As your body and mind 'grow', so must your spiritual life. He told this story.

"Some years ago, in a visit to a small village, YCWs invited their parents and grandparents to meet him. An elderly man proudly showed Cardijn his First Communion prayer book boasting that he still uses it every day to pray. Cardijn (probably got one of those priceless Flemish dry humor expressions on his face and) gently asked the old man, 'Do you still wear the same size pants as you did on that day?'"

Cardijn and the missed pilgrimage

On the road with Cardijn