Cardinal Josef Frings

Born in 1887, Cardinal Josef Frings was ordained as archbishop of Cologne in 1942.

As soon as the Second World War ended, he supported the establishment of the YCW (CAJ) in Germany. He adopted the specialised Catholic action approach, echoing Cardijn in his pastoral letter below, in rejecting criticism of this approach as "dividing the Body of Christ", the same accusation that had been against Cardijn.

"On the contrary, it is the way of intimately bringing together religion and daily life, and avoiding the dangerous division of human life into two parts, civil life and religious life; it is the means of teaching people to serve God in and through their professional occupations."

In 1947, he took part in the IYCW International Training Program in Montreal, Canada.

He also wrote a foreword to the first translation into German of some of Cardijn's writings.

1947 - Cardinal Josef Frings - Foreword - Was ist CAJ?

1946 - Cardinal Joseph Frings - Lettre pastorale